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The Dead Live at DCU Center on 2009-04-18

Audio Preview

The Dead Live at DCU Center on 2009-04-18

Set 1 (90:43)

01. intro
02. Feel Like A Stranger>
03. Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad
04. Mountains of the Moon>
05. Dupree’s Diamond Blues
06. Althea
07. Bird Song>
08. China Cat Sunflower>
09. I Know You Rider

Set 2: (107:16)

01. Dancing In The Street>
02. Milestones>
03. Terrapin Station>
04. Rhythm Devils>
05. Space>
06. Days Between>
07. Bird Song>
08. One More Saturday Night
09. encore break/crowd
10. donor rap
11. Johnny B. Goode

Collection TheDead
Band/Artist The Dead
Venue DCU Center
Location Worcester, MA

Source csb > edirol R-09 > wav (24/44.1)
Lineage wav > Audacity 1.3.2 > WAV > xACT > flac8
Taped by corey the groundhog (china_c_a_tATyahooDOTcom)
Transferred by groundhog


huge thanks to SmokinJoe for loaning me the mics & nick for the loan on the sd card.

here's how i split the discs

set1 t01-09
set1 t10+11, set2 t01-03
set2 t04-11

during drumz some parts were near clipping. i amplified before & after this area of thundering booms. you can hear the tape drop volume @ the end of set2t03, then at the end of set2t04 you can also hear the jump back up in volume.

in the middle of Space i NEEDED to find the restroom. so about half way through (5:30ish) Space into the begining of Days Between the mics were resting on my chair instead of my head. Thanks to J for keeping an eye on them.


Reviewer: Mr Soeharto - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 11, 2009
Subject: The delicate Set 2 jamming is good
I am actually listening to the SBDs that the band is making available for download. These recordings sound absolutely fabulous.

The intricate and delicate jamming in Set 2 comes across as exquisite listening to it here all crispy and full and colourful and warm.

All those shows that Warren and Phil have done together have resulted in an empathy with them that ranks way up there. Bobby is still one of the most inimitable rhythm guitarists out there.

These official SBDs are the dogs bollocks.

Set 2 of The Dead - 2009-04-19 Worcester, MA, is the kind of floppy, nipping in and out, sublime kind of jamming that many many many Deadheads dream of and trade shows in the hope of coming across.

Not everyone's cup of tea, then. But certainly mine.

4 stars, because I've heard even better shows from this April run.
Reviewer: dead4head - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 23, 2009
Subject: eh....
to each their own. personaly i like a band that sticks together not one that changes every few years.
i been goin to shows since 1985 and there were a lot of times jerry forgot the words and just mumbled them, even with the prompters.
phil's current lineup has not been playing together for 40 years, nor has ratdog, but the dog has kept the same players basicly since 98, while phil decided to change players and teach them all over again.
some folks like jackie green and thats fine, i do not. be glad for thats one more ticket for someone who enjoys it.
if my post bothered anyone i appoligize. just adding my .02 is all.
for the dead, i love what they are doing and how they sound on this tour. to all the tapers uploading these shows you all ROCK!! and thank you a billion.
5 stars for the upload speed and song selection
4 for the sound and exicution of the music
Reviewer: slavetothegroove - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 23, 2009
Subject: more bitching by Dead4Head...
First off -- The Dead are on fire. They are playing some seriously sweet music and I eagerly anticipate every new show that will be played in this all too short tour. Secondly, is this guy Dead4Head still bitching about shows and explaining how he knows everything about phil and his band... come on brah, get over yourself. If you don't like Jackie, keep it to yourself...there's a reason Phil chooses the people he does in his bands... because they're seriously talented musicians. Stop living in the past and try to open your mind to the new goods
Reviewer: Albix - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 23, 2009
Subject: Let's be honest.
I won't argue about musical taste or apples and oranges. There's no point.

On the other hand, Phil has an amazingly talented band now. I really want to know why people think Jackie Green sucks. I've have yet to hear anything concrete on that.

You say Phil's band is unprofessional. After 40 + years of singing the same material, Weir still can't remember the words even with a friggin' teleprompter! Most professional musicians would have dealt with that years ago. It used to be funny, now it's just sad.

I started seeing shows in '84 and have never stopped listening to GD music. I love it!

If people are going to shows now and having the time of their life, I'm all for it. I'm genuinely happy for you. Have fun!

My point is not to rain on anyone's parade. Just please don't tell me that their playing is "excellent" or "killer" and don't tell me a boomy, average recording is "the best" or "amazing" because it just ain't so.
Reviewer: Dead To The Core - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 22, 2009
Subject: Bird Song reprise?
sure it may start out that way but my trained dead ear tells me otherwise...anyone pick up on a Dark Star jam about halfway through???.....

God Damn, well I declare, I just cant wait to see the Dead revived in Denver!!!!!!!!!!

wish I could go to will probably be legendary...
Reviewer: mid-maine - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 21, 2009
Subject: no putzin' around
it's easy for me to be overly critical of 'the dead.' for one, i have a large collection of g.d. and related; for two, i'm not a professional musician OR a taper.

imagine yourself walking into a group house where a bunch of your buddies blew off the show because "bobby just ruins it" or "brent sounds like he's in the doobies" yateyada. say it's like '79 or '81 (not years to sneeze at by any standards). their television glazed eyes (substitute COMPUTER nowadays) land on you with half disinterest, half disdain, "how was the show, man?" they ask.

you respond, "dude, if i hear another first set mtns.-> dupree's with mickey tweekin' his tibetan prayer bells, or another bird song sandwich that'll never end, it's over. i quit."

har, har, har!!!!!!! well, don't listen to the naysayers here. open your heart and you will find a lot of KILLER music. careful, on the china cat intro phil could BLOW your speakers (i'm not kidding). then chimenti hits this little china cat organ riff? dude . . .
Reviewer: SWOOPY99 - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 21, 2009
Subject: Great First Set
Loved the first set and even Drums (RD's)but as other's have writen, too much messing around in the second set. Of course they had to play One More Sat Night.
Reviewer: cb18201 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 21, 2009
Subject: .
Personally I think all the music so far has been really great. I was excited to see songs that haven't been played in ages and I think Warren has been adding some great vocals to the line-up. But still there are people on here who try to compare "The Dead" to "The Grateful Dead". These are the same people that compare shows from 1973 to shows from 1995. Take each era for what it is and be glad these guys are touring. I think the majority of true fans and followers love the music an its only that small minority that for some reason think they deserve more from the band. I guess you can't please everyone
Reviewer: headgdhead - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 21, 2009
Subject: Thank you, for a real good time!
Let me start by saying how much I appreciate the tapers for capturing and sharing these shows. You guys are the balls!

I guess I don't understand the endless complaints about "noodling". Yes they can play tight melodic tunes with the best of them but these guys have always been about much, much more. They are about creating soundscapes unlike any other band in existence. No, it doesn't always work from an audience perspective but that's always been the case with the Dead. I would rather see them try and fail in 4 out of 5 shows than have them play it safe. If they start down that path then they might as well stay home. imho

At the end of the 1st set I was ready to buy a ticket to Sunday’s show. Then the 2nd set just blew me away. Their interpretation of Miles Davis’s Milestones was executed brilliantly. Terrapin was a masterpiece Drumz > Space was other worldly. Days Between brought me to tears remembering Jerry. By the end I was completely drained and though the mind was willing the body couldn’t take two nights straight.

Gone are the days...
Reviewer: anarekey2000 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 21, 2009
Subject: Not Bad
Warren ain't Jerry. That said, I think the band as a whole is pretty spot on. I've been carefully listening to every show on the tour here and on official Dead soundboard downloads. The poster who said Bobby isn't pulling his weight hasn't been listening closely enough. This is a very tight, jazzy band. The sound is really well done; much better than the shows in the 90s. I saw just about every show from 85-95 and this is some pretty energetic stuff. I do wish Warren had copped some of Garcia's easier licks rather than relying on the rest of the band to carry the melodies, but overall I'm stoked for the Nassau and meadowlands shows to which I have tickets. China-ryder suffered from the lack of Jerry but whatever. The Dead's sound has morphed so much since 1965 that its hard to say what they "should" sound like anyway. I miss Jerry, but this band rocks in its own right. Peace.
Reviewer: Raj Sodlapur - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 21, 2009
Subject: my review
so, i've just been falling deeper in love w/this trip man and can share the following. went to the show on sat nite, and was blown away.

btw, many thanks to the recorders/uploaders for sharing mates. peace on.

oh, from a 'stars' perspective?thinkn' 4+!
Reviewer: lifeboy7113 - favoritefavorite - April 21, 2009
Subject: Not one of their best
First set was pretty good, but I agree with some of the other reviewers in saying that the noodling was out of control in the second set.

Terrapin was good, but the rest of the set was pretty unfocused. Not to rip Phil & Friends or PLQ, but this show is very reminisent of their shows in 2000-2002 w/Warren and unlike the 2004 Dead. Too much noodling, not enough substance. They were rockin' it in '04.

That all said, I cannot wait to hear 4/19. Seems like that was the pick night of the run and tour so far.
Reviewer: - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 21, 2009
Subject: sooo close....
I was at both worcester shows. The first set started out OK, but fizzled during the second set. Even on shrooms they didn't hold my attention. Terrapin and One More Saturday Night were great, the rest of the time they were trying hard to find their groove, but it never came together :-(

That said, Sunday night (4/19) was phenomenal. Best show of the tour to date. I was completely floored the entire time. Props to Warren on this one, There is no way he could ever fill Jerry's shoes, but he is a great performer and I feel like he really came into his own this night. I want to live it all over again. Thanks to the boys for the 4/19 show, they were on fire!!!
Reviewer: lovehaight - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 21, 2009
Subject: My ears arent broken...
A good pull for sure...the band is what is..beautifuly broken
Reviewer: chetreli - favoritefavorite - April 21, 2009
Subject: C'mon folks... Let's be honest...
This was not a great night - although there were a few moments of sparkle - the evening was dominated by directionless noodling/ jams without purpose or groove.

The spirit was there - and I appreciate the effort and had a fun time - but I hope for higher quality music as the tour rolls along - and the "remaining members" get used to playing w/ one another again.

Just calling this particular evening the way I heard it.
Reviewer: Joe Antinucci - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 21, 2009
Subject: A solid night...
First goes out a heartfelt THANK YOU for getting this up so quickly. The show was a solid one and a lot of fun.

The recording sounds like most aud recordings as of late. A bit boomy but listenable. Sounds good cranked up on good large home speakers.

Unfortunately we have this guy that screams, "Yea Bobby!!!!" all over the place.. Funny that the ones he yells on are either Phil or Warren singing?!?! lol

Highlights are: GDTRFB- interesting verse variations, Althea, Bird Song, Terrapin, and Johnny B. Goode.

I rate this one a 3 star. (Please listen to a show before rating it. If you had been their and thought the show was worth 5 stars then great... But this is about the recording, the music played, and how well it was played... Isn't it?) I was their and it still was a solid 3 star night. IMHO :)

Additional notes added several hours after my original post:

I do remember waiting weeks to get those prized gems on Maxell and TDK in boxes. What a treat that was!!! I also remember the rating system we all used... I also remeber the equipment we used; NAKS, Marantz, Sony d-5 and 6, I remember Dolby (Yuck!!), and I remember how tall my mic stand stood and the sound you got from 6", 8", and 12". I also remember the Betty Boards and other boards from most shows if you had the patience or desire. Although I love and will take a pristine aud. recording any day of the week. Thank God for matrix recordings!

I don't think anyone is 'complaining' per say. Or I should speak for myself here. I certainly am not. HOWEVER; This is not your best friend from tour who has a taper connection and your happy with what you get. Indeed in "this day and age" we have high quality digital equipment that can capture audio better than ever before and a format and vehicle to get it to the masses in less than a couple of hours. Another thought is that this is and although it's exciting to get the music immediately we need to consider how we use this medium when we go to it 5 years from now. This is a fine aud. recording and probably would be a fantastic one if this was 1985. We judge the recording on many levels as I mentioned earlier today. One other factor that I omitted was the venues acoustics combined with the engineering for that building. Have you heard other aud. recordings from other bands here? You will note a considerable quality difference with expensive, out of my league difference.

Lastly the taper said that his mikes where on his head. Not 6' or even 8' up. This would have made for a solid 4 star recording in my opinion.

One more thing: The boys have not sounded this good since even before '95. And yes!!! Cornell '77! What a prize that is...

Reviewer: Loser_Boy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 21, 2009
Subject: Terrapin is sweet
just wanted to give a thumbs up to tapers for their deadication this tour. u have made this tour possible for those of us who couldn't fork out the 100 buck a show, but from what i am hearing from the shows the money is worth it. keep up the great work
Reviewer: MSG81 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 20, 2009
Subject: on second thought....
Having panned the 4/12 opener I would like to follow up, given the additional uploads. I have listened carefully to all shows and will now say that this is a band very much worth seeing. Previously, I have admonished Weir for his indulgence and lack of respect for the music and band, be it lame singing/arrangement/forgotten lyrics. While this has not yet resolved itself, it is clear that Warren has been given the artistic freedom to the point of, dare I say, dominating the gig. This is as I had hoped and very good as it should be. Not a better back up band exists, and I can only hope that the consistent Bob disasters such as SOTM from last week will be excluded from future performances. This iteration of jam band will thrive, nonetheless.
Reviewer: bumba - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 20, 2009
Subject: good enough
thats right kids long before the net we would wait 2 weeks for a hissy 5th generation copy of of a grateful dead show, and when it finally arrived it was like christmas. best thing we ever heard, and thirsted for more. the auds being made today sound like boards compared to the ones of yesteryear. be glad you have what you do, in the timely manner you get it in. with that being said where is 4-17
Reviewer: moose76 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 20, 2009
Subject: Sound Quality
For an audience recording...I feel this is an excellent recording! Do those of you commenting on this audience recording even remember scoring high generation audience bootlegs 10-20 years ago and having to sift through the hiss and muffles just to hear Jerry and the Good ol' Grateful Dead and being thrilled about it??? It amazes me that this day in age when you are handed a perfect quality recording just days after the show actually played that these "elitist Heads" have the nerve and feeling of entitlement to complain... Holy Shit.. I waited over a year to hear the shows I was at and was happy to get my hands on any crappy recording that offered anything Grateful Dead to listen to... Also, just to comment on the 2009 Bands' sound... again it is awesome AWESOME! so you FOOLS in your crazy ship which set sail to the complaino islands.... SO FAR they sound as if they are playing with MORE enthusiasm then they have EVER played since 1995... Who cares if you criticized 65-95 you were probably a complainer back then and there is more to the Grateful Dead then Cornell 77... like 1979-1992 or 69-72 or 73-74 all of which had extremely HIGH POINTS full of Crescendo and dynamite!! Just be happy that after 5 years of kicking stones around they decided to tour for YOU to enjoy the opportunity to hear THEM once again... Regardless of price... They played and it is better than everything on the radio and in the concert hall today!!! It is exciting and nothing about it is anything less than Good ol' Grateful Dead! I give 4 out of 5 because I refuse to accept that its as good as it gets... ROCK ON!
Reviewer: NJDEAD7 - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 20, 2009
Subject: hey man hold this i have to take a leak.
incredible set-lists thus far-some really great old stuff. very interested what they'll bring out next. was very skeptical going in but, these guys are right on. bring on philly an meadowlands
Reviewer: slickwil - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 20, 2009
Subject: loud mouths
this is yet another great concert in this new iteration of the dead. however, i'm giving it three stars because the recording is ruined by people who clearly came to see and not to hear. you'd think at $100 a seat people would stfu and listen to the music play!
Reviewer: 110186Rich - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 20, 2009
Subject: You Kidding?
This recording was just fine... I stood in front of the soundboard, and it sounded just like this.
Reviewer: deadhead2564 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 20, 2009
Subject: First Dead Show, Always will be great
China Cat Into rider was great. Was a great party, but I night to was fun also. Second set was awesome, i snuck onto the floor before it started and what a party!
Reviewer: i bleed resin - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 20, 2009
Subject: Happy 4/20
What a treat for the holiday. Just waiting on Albany and night 2 in Worcester to turn up...
Reviewer: grunzy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 20, 2009
Subject: 4/18 Audio recording
Sounds killer, thx for sharing. Did you record the night after as well? If so, would love to get my hands on that. I would like to share this via live stream on
Reviewer: drexysexy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 20, 2009
Subject: Awesome Show!!!
I was there and funny thing is I took a piss during space i was the guy moaning at the urnels cause I held it too long. Awesome set list and the drums were fantastic. had great seats and the people were really nice. It's always nice to see phil and bobby fans unite,Like one big happy family.

My favourite part of the show has gotta be going down the road.
Reviewer: SmokinJoe - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 20, 2009
Subject: Good show
and nice pull... just like being there.
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